What's a Home Inspection?

James on an inspectionHome Inspection is a general, overall, inspection of the home and property surrounding the home. It is as simple as that!

Because I have a more than a working knowledge of all trades I can assess the different systems and let you know of the “conditions of concern” that is observed or tested.

I inspect each property with a very thorough and subjective view that is not often possible as a seller or buyer. The Inspection is done as if I where actually buying the home myself and want to know if there are any issues with the home.

My inspections far exceed the Arizona/Ashi Standards of practice

I urge you to join the inspection process and ask as many questions as you need to ask! Should you not be able to attend the Home Inspection Field reporting then, no worries my Inspection Reports are thorough, organized, color coded, with clear digital photos in the appropriate areas of the report that clearly show conditions that may be of a concern or even aspects to the home that are especially nice – such as a comment in the Interior of the home is “meticulously clean and well maintained”, or the attic space is “well ventilated with good cross circulation”.

I work fast and efficiently but often have to “go over” an area of the home if questions arise, such as possible water stains on a ceiling…is it an internal attic leak or is caused by roof penetration or improper flashing causing a roof leak?? In some instances, a system or component may need immediate major repair, such as a deck or guard rail of a decking system that is ready to collapse or electric branch wiring that has burned back the plastic/rubber coating on wiring in the main panel.

I cover it all from the top of the roof to the slab, basement or crawl space.

Exterior systems and components inspected include but are not limited to: Roof, Chimney. Flashing, Siding/Stucco, Trim, Windows, Doors, Landscaping, Drainage, Fencing, Gutters, Downspouts, Driveways, Patio/Decks/Porches, Air Conditioning, Evaporative Coolers, Electric shutoffs /panels, Water meters, and NG (Natural Gas) or LP Liquid Propane meters and /or tanks. Etc.

Most Home Inspections take 3 to 5 Hours depending on size, age, and condition of the Home Inspected.